Zig finds an elephant in a crate washed up on shore and tries to use it in his schemes. He is often denoted as being quite smart, and capable of coming to the rescue when needed. Zig tries to train his new buddy to demolish Sharko, but Bigfoot’s not super smart…. Zigis a very hungry hyena, who wants to eat Marina and the main anti-hero from Zig and Sharko. Marina, Sharko, Zig, and Bernie find a rocket and are accidentally shot into orbit, where they meet a deranged astronaut on a space station. The Fairly OddParents • Zig finds him absolutely ridiculous… and is very pleased to discover that mockery can be a powerful weapon against the shark! L’épisode 1 est remplie d’événements, d’intérêts et de situations très marquantes, sans oublier les acteurs qui maîtrisent leurs rôles à la perfection. A unicorn shows up on the island; Zig and Bernie steal its magic horn to catch Marina. When a masked assailant sprays everyone with black ink, Marina insists Zig be her bodyguard. Kim Possible • Zig gives Sharko a whistle to distract him; Sharko takes his lifeguard job a little too seriously. When a crate of magnets lands on the island, Bernie makes Marina a magnet necklace to capture her. Marina loses the starfish she wears in her hair; Bernie finds it and falls madly in love with it. Pfffirates. He is a hungry hyena with ambitions to hunt Marina. Oggy and the Cockroaches • So she steals his trident while he's asleep. Zig finds a button that turns everything dark and opens a. Hades transforms himself into a panda bear to win Marina's heart. Sharko wants to offer Marina a romantic dinner in the boat’s restaurant but has to keep a close eye on Zig to prevent the mermaid from becoming the main course. Sharko forces Zig to help him rebuild Marina's house after accidentally destroying it. Is Sharko the only one who doesn’t have a sense of humor? Oggy and the cockroaches is one of his most famous works. But when Sharko reaches the diving board, he realizes that he’s scared to death of heights. He is Marina's boyfriend and protects her from being eaten by Zig. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zig uses inflatable balloons to get to Marina. La performance des acteurs ainsi que la réalisation donnent à Zig et Sharko un charme attirant. Oggy et les Cafards Les Zinzins de l'espace: Zig & Sharko é uma série de animação francesa criada pelo Xilam que foi ao ar pela primeira vez em 21 de dezembro de 2010 no Canal +. A Japanese whaling ship tries to capture Sharko. His schemes that he concocts for this purpose are often elaborate but never truly succeed. Xin hãy giúp phát triển bài này bằng cách liên kết trong đến các mục từ thích hợp khác. A shipwrecked boat carries toys, which Zig employs in his schemes. It revolves around Zig the Hyena trying to capture Marina the Mermaid, with the help of Bernie the Hermit Crab, so he can eat her. Zig and Sharko join forces against a human castaway competing for Marina's affections. Time accelerates. (The Indian version dubs Hindi dialogue over the animation.) Sharko is looking forward to the cruise ship’s bell, so he can finally dance the tango with Marina… but Zig takes advantage of the party and use crazy dances to approach the mermaid discreetly. Bernie - a hermit crab, and Zig's best friend since childhood. Bernie moves away from the island after a bitter argument with Zig and invites Sharko and Marina to a house party. Zig and Sharko must join forces to woo Marina back from King Neptune. Dans cette nouvelle saison, la sirène décide de s’installer sur la plage, avec tous ses potes aquatiques. Marina takes up water skiing using Sharko as her "boat"; Zig enlists a crazy dolphin's help to catch her. Zig can't believe his luck when Marina decides to live on the beach in a sandcastle built by Sharko. Marina is eager to exercise and signs up for fitness training. LoliRock • But Blob is hungry, and when he’s hungry, he’ll eat anything, including mermaids… For once Zig is here to protect Marina! T’es où Chicky ? Eating bananas causes Zig to transform into a. Les contes de Lupin. In the second season, the plots shifted to the island itself, including its beaches, volcano, and jungle, with some changes for the main characters - Marina takes residence in an ornate, life-sized sandcastle evocative of the Taj Mahal, built by Sharko; Zig and Bernie live with the cargo plane pilot in his crash plane within the jungle, and Sharko operates as a lifeguard for the aquatic lifeforms who frequent the beaches. The ZhuZhus. When Marina becomes a lifeguard, Zig pretends to drown to trap her. Sharko tries to fix Marina's bad haircut before taking her to the opera. During a chase, Zig, Sharko and Marina sink into the earth’s depths. Much of the stories of each episode revolve around an eternal war over Marina between Zig, who attempts to capture her to eat her, and Sharko, who loves her and acts as her bodyguard against Zig's various plans. Alors que Zig et Sharko sont occupés à se crêper le chignon, un conquistador débarque … Marina thinks Poseidon is giving her a magic trident for her birthday, but he gives her a toy fish instead. In 2008, the television group Canal+ decided to develop pilot episodes for nine out of 135 animation projects received, including Zig and Sharko, for television broadcast during the 2010–2011 season. Zig takes advantage when he realizes Sharko is afraid of heights. A fisherman comes to the island and tries to capture Zig. Notée parmi les meilleures séries de tous les temps, plus précisément dans sa catégorie Familial, avec sa note de 4.30 et ses 6 votes, la série Zig et Sharko, sortie en FR en 2011 ; est une pépite qui mérite d’être regardée plusieurs fois en streaming VF. Bernie makes a strength potion to take over King Neptune's castle. Zig uses a human cannon-ball stunt to blast Marina to the wrecked plane, but it blasts them and Sharko into space and back to Earth. Of course, Zig makes the most of the shark's weakness. Zig attempts to catch Marina while she plays golf with Sharko. A fisherman arrives at the island and starts kidnapping undersea life to catch scallops. Sharko visits Marina's sandcastle to watch a movie with her; everyone else on the island wants to watch it too. [6] The most-viewed compilation have 118 million views. However, all awhile, Sharko believes this cruise vacation is another one of Zig's traps. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum; Former Animated. Zig throws Marina a birthday party to trap her; she is angry at Sharko for forgetting her birthday. Zig tries to sabotage Sharko and Marina's dinner date. Il est basé sur une scène de l'épisode «Beau papa» de la saison 2 de la série. On a desert island lives Zig the hyena. Meanwhile, Marina is hungry, in fact so hungry she could eat a hyena…. The show is created by Olivier Jean-Marie. Sortie en FR en 2011 dans la catégorie Familial, l’épisode 1 qui dure 7, a été notée de 4.30 et a eu 6 votes. Mr Magoo. A development budget of 6 to 6.5 million euros (7.08 to 7.67 million US dollars) was allocated to the series. All of the characters in the series do not speak; a form of gibberish speech is sometimes used, but most interactions involve hand signals and body language to convey what a character is thinking about. Coache-moi si tu peux. Inspired by a TV show, Zig emulates a superhero to trap Marina. Zig finds a wrecked boat on the shore and uses its cargo of bamboo in his latest scheme. Zig tries using two ponies that arrive on the island to get Marina, but they are really slow. A mime follows Sharko, publicizing his upcoming show onboard the ship. He is best friends with Bernie, since his childhood, and frequently plots to capture Marina to eat her, but is foiled in the process by Sharko. Bernie hypnotizes Zig to become a vegetarian; Marina finds him amusing and hangs out with him, making Sharko jealous. Marina's relaxation is ruined by a housefly. Zig the Hyena wants to eat her, but Marina's bodyguard, Sharko always protects her by beating Zig up. When Marina becomes obsessed with candy, Zig uses it as bait; Sharko tries to get her to eat healthily. Zig et Sharko ou La sirène, la hyène et le requin, est une série télévisée d'animation française réalisée et créée par Olivier Jean-Marie et produite par Marc Du Pontavice. When the boat is taking a dangerous course, Zig and Sharko are too busy bickering as always to save the day… who will come to the rescue? Zig and Sharko find a strange and mysterious place at the bottom of the sea. A band of pirates tries to capture Marina. Zig tries using the active volcano against Marina. Marina dreams of sailing the sea, so Zig asks Bernie to build a cruise ship where all her friends can hop aboard! Marina nurses Zig back to health after one of Sharko's beatings. Marina has to compete with another mermaid for Sharko's affections. Extraterrestrial fruit juices give Zig and Sharko strange powers. The ship stops on the Arctic Circle, where Zig meets a Bigfoot! The channel made episodes with English title cards. Zig finds interesting objects while digging a tunnel in his latest scheme to catch Marina. When a cargo of trampolines falls on the island, Zig uses them to try to catch Marina. Par la suite, elle est diffusée sur TF1, Canal J puis sur Gulli. But when Marina is in danger, the sharks rise above their rivalry to join forces against Zig, to save her. Jimmy Neutron • Sharko convinces Marina to enter a beauty contest on the beach. Sharko thinks he’s really cute and becomes great pals with him. Competition, based on mutual jealousy, soon develops between Sharko and Sharky. The lifeboat breaks off from the ship and falls into the water. Zig et Sharko ou La sirène, la hyène et le requin, est une série télévisée d'animation française réalisée et créée par Olivier Jean-Marie et produite par Marc Du Pontavice. When Marina starts taking care of a baby seagull, Sharko discovers that he's allergic to feathers! Sharko is quite strong and would do anything for Marina, giving a big thrashing to whoever tries to harm her or himself. Zig has given up on trying to turn on Marina, but Sharko needs Zig's help when Hades' evil plans to take over the Volcanic Island and Cruise Ship and get rid of Organs so that People can die. But Sharko has no trouble beating up Zig-Robot… until the hyena shows up in a real giant robot. Zig et Sharko (27 March 2016–present) Upcoming Animated. Hanna-Barbera • Sharko (formerly known as Good Shark) is a character, a strong, friendly shark and the main protagonist of the animated series, Zig and Sharko.. Background Personality. DC Animated Universe • Zigs est un film américain réalisé par Mars Callahan, sorti en 2001. He normally plays as the antagonist, although several episodes portray him as more of an anti-hero. Le jeu est sorti sur iOS et Android le 20 septembre 2017. Marina wants to set a world record for the longest tightrope-walk. The original title was The Mermaid, the Hyena and the Shark, and it is a co-production between the television channels TF1 and Canal+ Family which broadcast later this series. A pair of giant lizards show up and become Zig's bodyguards, but their secret agenda is to get rich making toy replicas of him. True and the Rainbow Kingdom • Sharko is a shark and the one of four main characters of the series. Zig builds ships in a scheme to eat Marina. The Recording studio was Studio P.V., and the director was Luca Semeraro. Sharko gets very annoyed, and ends up knocking the guy out by accident… This means he has to replace the mime in the show, along with Zig…. The last episode of season 1 with the old designs. Will Sharko be able to overcome his phobia to save Marina? Sharko gets a sports car for a hot date with Marina, but she is more interested in the car. Zig becomes Marina's butler in an attempt to catch her. As of November 2020, the channel has 10 million subscribers making it one of the Top 10 most-subscribed French channels on the site. Zig dresses up as a cute baby so that Marina takes care of him. The series was launched on Canal+ Family on February 12, 2011, on Cartoon+ every Saturday at 7:40 pm. Zig & Sharko in other languages: Zig et Sharko, Zig und Sharko, Zig y sharko, Zig ja Sharko, ジグとシャーコ, Zig i Sharko, Зиг и Шарко, 鯊魚哥 Welcome to the official Zig & Sharko channel! Marina discovers a pyramid with an apparently friendly mummy inside. Although his devotion to Marina is out of loyalty and love, he sometimes occasionally causes trouble himself and often is punished for it. Zig takes advantage of her gullibility to attract her into various traps, but he mainly attracts Sharko’s jealousy and rage. Shimmer and Shine • Bernie tricks Zig into thinking he has succeeded in killing and eating Marina. Alongside the main characters, the show is frequently populated by minor background characters, many of whom are animals and aquatic creatures that, alongside Zig and Sharko, are portrayed as anthropomorphic beings. A lighthouse is put up near the island after a fog roll in. Marina is the deuteragonist of the show Zig & Sharko. Lalaloopsy • Throughout the first season, much of the plots revolve around the oceans surrounding a tropical volcanic island, alongside its coastline, in which Marina often spends the day residing on a rocky pinnacle off the coast during the day, while residing in an underwater home that she shares with Sharko. Marina decides to teach school to the island kids; Zig enrolls as a student. It’s Christmas! Marina convinces Sharko to join the police force. Her name comes from the Latin Mare, Maris, meaning sea. Marina attracts a couple of human tourists with her singing; she must disguise Sharko as a kitty cat so they aren't afraid of him. She maintains a positive relationship with everyone, including Zig because of being unaware of his intentions and thus not being afraid of him. Zig is covered with glue and sand while the shark is trying to repair the sandcastle. Polly Pocket (2018) • Zig and Sharko have signed up for a driving contest. A jaguar shows up on the island and tries to coach Zig into becoming buff. Catalogue. Zig & Sharko; Synopsis : Sur une île déserte, une hyène affamée n’a qu’une idée en tête : croquer l’appétissante sirène qui vit au large sur un rocher. Dong Woo Animation and Armada TMT contributed some of the animations for this series. He is often portrayed as muscular and athletic (a recurring element is the character's constant flexing of muscles that aren't generally shown), is a fan of table tennis, and is capable of walking on land (as do all the animated series' aquatic characters) without issue. The winner gets to dine privately with Captain Marina! Scooby-Doo • Marina plays "Red Light, Green Light" with the boys. Zig est un pseudonyme notamment porté par : While Sharko is sleeping, Zig puts stinky cheese into his mouth; Sharko uses toothpaste to fix it. Zig takes advantage of Marina's shopping addiction by posing as a cab driver. Zig becomes a magician to capture Marina but finds his magic is no match for Sharko's. Arthur • In May 6, 2015, the YouTube channel of Zig & Sharko was created[4], with all the episodes from season 1 to season 3. Of course, Zig conspires to take on the role of a fitness coach to move in on Marina… and to beat Sharko on his own turf: the gym! Zig and Bernie trick Marina and Sharko into thinking the wrecked plane can fly, and take them for a "ride". Zig lures Marina and Sharko into the jungle by telling them the pilot has been bitten by a koala. The snow creature thinks Zig is just too cute and adopts him as a pet toy. Deprived of his life's purpose, Zig sinks into depression. The show's main characters include: Alongside the main characters, various episodes feature a variety of background and minor characters to the stories - jungle animals, aquatic lifeforms, and various human characters - in the first season, one of these human characters is portrayed as a Japanese cargo ship captain, who, as a running gag, frequently crashes his ship into the island and is forced to return home via a rubber dingy. Zig & Sharko. When Bernie tries to repair the clock, he inverses the process: everyone on board turns into a baby…, Hugo Gittard (co-director, season 3; director, season 3), Zig - a brown hyena who is currently 18 years old, came to the island as a baby from Africa and was adopted by a female gorilla. A tsunami floods the island, and Marina temporarily loses Sharko.