Die Veranstaltung wird alljährig von der Fanseite eurovision-spain.com organisiert. Der 65.Eurovision Song Contest soll im Zeitraum vom 18. bis zum 22. The contest took place on 29 November 2020, and was held in Warsaw, Poland, following the country's victory at the 2019 contest. The Eurovision Song Contest (French: Concours Eurovision de la chanson) is an international song competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and featuring participants representing primarily European countries. [200] "Save Your Kisses for Me", the winning song at the 1976 contest for the United Kingdom's Brotherhood of Man, is one of the contest's most successful winners, selling over six millions singles, more than any other winning song in the history of the contest. [17], EBU Members who wish to participate must fulfil conditions as laid down by the rules of the contest, a separate copy of which is drafted annually. [44] Laut Programmplanung soll am 27. [29][196] The songwriters and composers of the winning entry receive smaller versions of the trophy.[29]. The contest will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, following the country's victory at the 2019 contest with the song " Arcade " by Duncan Laurence. Anthony Deutsch, Bart Meijer, Mark Heinrich: öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkgesellschaften, Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie, Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – Unser Lied für Rotterdam, Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft, Eurovision Song Contest 2020/Alternatives Programm, Offizielle Website des Eurovision Song Contest, Website der ARD zum Eurovision Song Contest, SPIEGEL: Wegen Coronavirus – Eurovision Song Contest abgesagt, Hungary pulls out of Eurovision amid rise in anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, KEiiNO are coming back to the London Eurovision Party, Montaigne books her place at the London Eurovision Party, Daði Freyr asks the London Eurovision Party to Think About Things, Vasil brings You to the London Eurovision Party, Ulrikke gets the Attention of the London Eurovision Party, Offiziell bestätigt: Ben Dolic tritt bei Eurovision in Concert auf. [71] Young musicians and high school students from the host city act as stand-in performers to assist in the initial technical rehearsals, and also act as a guide for the delegations prior to their arrival in the host country in case any changes in staging need to be made. [13] These are listed here alongside the year in which they made their debut: Preparations for each year's contest typically begin following the conclusion of the previous year's contest. (deutsch: „Fühl’ dein Herz schlagen!“). [47], The contest has been hosted in a variety of different venues, from small theatres and television studios in the early days of the contest, to large stadiums in the present day. In the final performance of the evening, the artists of Eurovision 2020 came together as a virtual choir to perform "Love Shine a Light", the winning song of the 1997 contest for the United Kingdom. [89] The Heads of Delegation will typically meet in March before the contest is held, to receive detailed information about the shows, the venue, stage design, lighting and sound to best prepare their entry for the contest, as well as details on the event organisation, such as transportation and accommodation during the event. [164][165] As with the 1956 contest, audio recordings of the 1964 contest, and some footage of the opening sequence and winning reprise have survived. [7][22] No competitive event was able to take place due to the uncertainty caused by the spread of the virus in Europe and the various restrictions imposed by the governments of the participating countries. [338][329] Objections were again raised in 1999 with regards to the contest being held around the Sabbath, as well as criticism levelled against Dana International, the contest's first trans winner, leading to an attempt to stop the contest being held in Israel at all. [145] As there was no rule in place to break the tie, all four were declared joint winners. Mai 2020 in der Ahoy-Arena in der niederländischen Stadt Rotterdam stattfinden sollen. [187][188][189] Voting in each semi-final is conducted only in the countries competing in that semi-final, as such only those countries are obligated to broadcast that semi-final, however many countries will air both semi-finals. [89] Es sollte das erste Mal sein, dass ein Preview-Event im Gastgeberland ausgetragen wird.[90]. Darüber hinaus sollten Glennis Grace und Afrojack beim Grand Final auftreten. Mai stattfindet, ablaufen soll, den Anweisungen der Gesundheitsbehörden folgen. In its place, a special broadcast Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, was produced by the Dutch organisers, which honoured the songs and artists that would have competed in the 2020 contest in a non-competitive format. [43] Broadcasters must have paid the EBU a participation fee in advance to the deadline specified in the rules for the year in which they wish to participate; this fee is different for each country based on its size and viewership.[30]. [94], On a number of occasions participating broadcasters have been forced to delay or postpone broadcast of one or more live shows due to mitigating circumstances: in 2000, the contest was interrupted in the Netherlands to provide emergency news coverage of the Enschede fireworks disaster, which meant a televote could not be held and the country's backup jury was used to provide the country's points;[151][152] and in 2012, Albania broadcast the first semi-final, in which they were competing, deferred to provide coverage of the Qafa e Vishës bus accident. [337], Israel has hosted the contest on three occasions, and due to the preparations and rehearsals which accompany the contest, and the Saturday evening timeslot for the grand final, objections from Orthodox religious leaders in the country regarding the potential interruption to the Sabbath have been raised on all three occasions. Ursprünglich wären 10.000 Zuschauer bei der Veranstaltung anwesend gewesen. The 2011 contest, from the makers of Grandma Beats The Drum: a tale of dunce caps and unicycles, titled So Lucky. Ebenfalls hatten sich einige Länder dazu entschieden, eigene Abstimmungen und Sendungen im jeweiligen Land zu veranstalten. Petar Aničić is a Serbian singer who was chosen to represent his home country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Warsaw with the song "Heartbeat ". Nachdem Måns Zelmerlöwmit dem Lied Heroesam 23. Origins Edit. Die Stadt Tilburg fand keinen passenden Austragungsort. [136][137], Historically, each country's spokesperson would announce all points being given out in sequence, which would then be repeated by the contest's presenter(s) in both English and French. Different singers representing countries in Europe compete every year. [96], Am 10. [122][123] Performing second in the final is particularly considered as detrimental to a country's chances of winning the contest, as no song performing in this position has ever won the contest in its history. [8] In Groningen scheiterte eine Bewerbung an finanziellen Engpässen in der Gemeinde. Der Produzent des Wettbewerbs, Sietse Bakker, betonte die Individualität des Slogans, indem er darauf verwies, dass jeder selbst entscheiden könne, für was er sich öffnet. August 2019 wurde um 11:58 Uhr im Rahmen einer Sondersendung von NPO 1 das Ahoy in Rotterdam als Austragungsort präsentiert. Tunisia had applied to take part in the 1977 contest, and had been drawn to perform 4th on stage, but later withdrew. ", "Turkey to return Eurovision 'if no more bearded divas, "No new countries at next Eurovision Song Contest", "Eurovision Song Contest: Two Semi-Finals in 2008", "Two Semi-Finals Eurovision Song Contest in 2008", "Eurovision Song Contest: Semi-Final Allocation Draw", "All you need to know for Monday's draw! Der gesamte Auswahlprozess wurde durch Thomas Schreiber, Christian Blenker, verantwortlicher ARD-Teamchef für den Eurovision Song Contest und der neuen Head of Delegation, Alexandra Wolfslast, betreut. Famous past winners include ABBA (representing their native Sweden in 1974), Céline Dion (though Canadian, she represented Switzerland) in 1988, Lordi (Finland, 2006), Loreen (Sweden, 2012). Individual broadcasters have also commissioned their own shows for their audiences, which may or may not feature a voting element. [117][118] Semi-final qualifiers make a draw at random during the winners' press conference to determine whether they will perform during the first or second half of the final; the automatic finalists will also randomly draw their competing half in the run-up to the grand final, except for the host country which draws its exact performance number. [167], From the original seven countries which entered the first contest in 1956, the number of competing countries has steadily grown over time, with over 20 countries regularly competing by the late 1980s. [287][288], The contest has long been accused of what has been described as "political voting": a perception that countries will give votes more frequently and in higher quantities to other countries based on political relationships, rather than the musical merits of the songs themselves. At the close of the voting, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, were chosen to head to Millstreet, meaning Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia would have to wait another year before being allowed to compete. [32] Am 4. In 2009 a number of people in Azerbaijan who voted for the Armenian were reportedly questioned by Azeri police. Somit war es das erste Mal, dass die EBU 41 Länder ankündigte. [114][115], As the contest is presented in both English and French, at least one of the contest's hosts must be able to speak French as well as English. [156][157][158][159][excessive citations], An archiving project was initiated by the EBU in 2011, aiming to collate footage from all editions of the contest and related materials from its history ahead of the contest's 60th anniversary, in 2015. Both France and Sweden had received four sets of 12 points, however as Sweden had received more individual 10 points than France, Sweden's Carola was declared the winner. März wurde der ESC 2020 in Folge des Coronavirus abgesagt. 24 Länder nahmen daran teil. März veröffentlichte die niederländische Rundfunkanstalt NPO folgendes Statement: Eurovision organisers would follow the advice of health authorities in deciding what form the event, due to be held May 12-16, would take. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 → The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was planned to be the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner receives, simply, the prestige of having won—although it is usual for a trophy to be awarded to the winning performers and songwriters, and the winning country is formally invited to host the event the following year. [283] Offers for Samoylova to compete remotely from a venue in Russia or for a change of artist were rejected by Russia's Channel One, with Russia eventually pulling out of the contest and the EBU reprimanding Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC and threatening to exclude Ukraine from future contests. [284][285], Georgia's planned entry for the 2009 contest in Moscow, Russia also caused controversy: in the aftermath of the Russo-Georgian War in 2009, Stephane & 3G were selected to compete with the song "We Don't Wanna Put In", however the EBU objected to the lyrics as they appeared to criticise Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Sedan 2010 lottas det även om starthalvor. [7][146], The United Kingdom holds the record for the number of second-place finishes, having come runner-up in the contest 15 times. Mai 2003 in der lettischen Hauptstadt Riga statt. März blieben die Delegationen aus Schweden, Finnland, Israel, der Schweiz, Italien und Griechenland wegen der COVID-19-Pandemie fern. [91], The Reference Group is the contest's executive committee and works on behalf of all participating countries in the contest. [107][108][328], The contest was regularly broadcast in the Arab world during the 1970s, however as many of these countries did not recognise Israel, their broadcasters typically cut to advertisements when Israel performed. Changes in Europe following the end of the Cold War saw an influx of new countries from Central and Eastern Europe looking to join the contest for the first time. Man habe außerdem einen Slogan ausgewählt, mit dem sich die Niederländer identifizieren können und Werte wie Respekt und Meinungsfreiheit betone. Es stellte die Flaggen der 41 Nationen dar, die am diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest teilnehmen wollten, in einer Reihenfolge, die nach Debütjahr und Farbigkeit sortiert war. Die Reihenfolge entspricht der Startreihenfolge der Lieder beim Livestream Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 - Part 2, der am 14. [125], Since 1970, the rules of the contest outline how to determine the winning country in cases where two or more countries have the same number of points at the end of the voting. It was the first time Portugal had hosted the contest - 54 years after the country made its debut. Am 2. Welcome to the official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube! [305] From 2009, juries of music professionals have been given a 50% stake in the result of each country's vote, an initiative which has been welcomed by some as a means of diminishing the effects of voting patterns while maintaining involvement of the viewing public in the decision. Requests by the contest's organisers for the lyrics of the song to be changed were refused by the group, and Georgian broadcaster GPB subsequenty withdrew from the event. [95], Die vierte Eurovision Spain Pre-Party sollte am 10. und 11. The automatic finalists are also split between the two semi-finals for the purpose of determining which semi-final they are obligated to air and provide votes. [125][133], Since 1957, each country's votes have been announced as part of a voting segment of the contest's broadcast. [citation needed], Active Members (as opposed to Associate Members) of the European Broadcasting Union are eligible to participate; Active Members are those who are located in states that fall within the European Broadcasting Area, or are member states of the Council of Europe. The winning song is then decided by national juries and the viewing public through internet voting. [53], Following the first two contests hosted in Switzerland and Germany, the tradition of the winning country hosting the following year's event was established in 1958, held in the Netherlands. [7][48] The smallest contest host is Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland with a population of only 1,500 at the time of the contest; the venue for the 1993 contest is however capable of hosting up to 8,000 spectators. [88], The Head of Delegation for each country is responsible for leading their country's delegation at the event, and is their country's contact person with the EBU. Hinzu wären je zehn Länder aus den beiden Halbfinalen gekommen, sodass im Finale 26 Länder angetreten wären, dabei hätte die Niederlande als Gastgeber die Startnummer 23 erhalten. [159], The first contest in 1956 was primarily a radio show, however cameras were present to broadcast the show for the few Europeans who had a television set; any video footage which may have been recorded has since been lost over time, however audio of the contest has been preserved and a short newsreel of the winning reprise has survived. About; Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Wiki, a site devoted to Europe's biggest televised non-sport event.Contributing is simple - just find an article that interests you and provide an edit or create your own and work away! A summary of the questions and answers which emerge from the press conferences is produced by the host press office and distributed to the accredited press. Ebenfalls hätte Destiny Chukunyere 2020 zum bereits zweiten Mal teilgenommen, so war sie 2019 noch Begleitsängerin von Michela Pace. [280], Interactions between Russia and Ukraine in the contest had originally been positive in the first years of co-competition, however as political relations soured between the two countries following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the prolonged conflict in Eastern Ukraine, so too have relations at Eurovision become more complex. März gab die litauische Band The Roop bekannt, dass sie den Anweisungen der litauischen Regierung folgen und somit vorerst nicht das Land verlassen werde. However Germany would be one of the seven countries to miss out, alongside Hungary, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Israel, and Macedonia, in what would have been their debut entry in the contest. The accompanying music (used on other Eurovision broadcasts) is the Prelude (Marche en rondeau) to Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Te Deum. [49], Am 12. [9] Eine von einem privaten Investor initiierte Bewerbung von Enschede kam ebenfalls nicht zustande. Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo gewonnen hatte, wurde Deutschland zum dritten Mal nach 1957 und 1983 mit der Ausrichtung des Musikwettbewerbs beauftragt. [69][70] Physical preparations for the contest typically begin weeks before any of the artists or delegations arrive in the host city, with the host venue being prepared and the stage being built ahead of rehearsals. Die Moderation sollte von Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Janzen und Jan Smit übernommen werden. Following Salvador Sobral's victory in that year's contest with a song in Portuguese, however, the 2018 contest in Lisbon marked an increased number of entries in another language than English, a trend which was repeated in 2019. [101][102] Ahead of the 2021 contest, in an effort to make the contest more flexible to change following the cancellation of the 2020 event and to facilitate modernisation, the organisers' announced that recorded backing vocals will now be allowed on a trial basis; this will be an optional addition, and delegations are still free to provide live backing vocals if they prefer, however all lead vocals performing the melody of the song, including by the lead vocalist(s) and any supporting vocalists, must still be performed live.[99]. [13] Am 16. [129] The 2004 contest was the first to make televoting mandatory for all competing countries, however each country was obligated to provide a "backup jury", which would be used in case of voting failure, or if the number of votes registered did not pass a set threshold to be considered valid. Für das Finale war als Pausenfüller ein Medley von Gigliola Cinquetti: Non ho l'età, Lenny Kuhr: De Troubadour, Getty Kaspers: Ding-A-Dong, Sandra Kim: J'aime La Vie, Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan: Rock 'n' Roll Kids, Alexander Rybak: Fairytale, Duncan Laurence: Arcade[34] geplant gewesen. [48][173], In 1999 the rules on country relegation were changed to exempt France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom from relegation, giving them the automatic right to compete regardless of their five-year point average. [46] For these reasons, the contest is typically, but not always, held in a national or regional capital city. In addition, the second dress rehearsal is also used for a recorded back-up in case of technological failure, and is also the show on which the juries will base their votes. Dezember wurden die drei Moderatoren vorgestellt, die den Contest moderieren sollten. Das Zuschauer-Panel wird nach ausgewählten Kriterien in Zusammenarbeit mit Digame zusammengestellt. Logan was also the winning songwriter at the 1992 contest when he wrote another Irish winner, "Why Me?" A country's delegation will typically include a Head of Press, the contest participants, the songwriters and composers, backing performers, and the artist's entourage, and can range from 20 to 50 people depending on the country. [97], Am 11. [216] Four further songwriters have also each written two contest-winning songs: Willy van Hemert, Yves Dessca, Rolf Løvland, and Brendan Graham. Mai geplante Finale diente europaweit die Sendung Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light als Ersatz. Am 24. Die Livestreams wurden zu dem Zeitpunkt der beiden geplanten Halbfinale auf dem offiziellen Youtube-Kanal des Eurovision Song Contests gezeigt. [343][344] However many others also campaigned against a boycott of the event, asserting that any cultural boycott would be antithetical to advancing peace in the region. It was held in the seaside resort of Brighton on the south coast of the United Kingdom. November 2019 gab die EBU bekannt, dass 41 Länder am Eurovision Song Contest 2020 teilnehmen wollten. Mai 2000 in der Globenarena in Stockholm statt. [89], Since the first editions of the contest, the contest's voting procedure has been presided over by a scrutineer nominated by the EBU, who is responsible for ensuring that all points are allocated correctly and in turn. Am 10. Juli 2019 gab die nationale Rundfunkanstalt, Die OGAE Luxembourg warb mit einer Petition für die Rückkehr Luxemburgs zum. [43], The order in which the competing countries perform had historically been decided through a random draw, however since 2013 the order has been decided by the contest's producers, and submitted to the EBU Executive Supervisor and Reference Group for approval before being announced publicly. However all of these criticisms were in vain and the contest went ahead as planned in Jerusalem. This order is based upon the jury results submitted after the "jury final" dress rehearsal the day before the grand final, to create a more suspenseful experience for the viewing public. [134] Prior to 1994 the announcements were made through telephone lines from the countries of origin, with the audio piped through into the auditorium for the audience to hear and over the television transmission; the 1994 contest saw the introduction of satellite links for the voting, which has allowed the spokespersons to be seen visually by the audience and TV spectators. [10][11] New and improved technologies in broadcasting would soon be introduced to the contest, with the 30th contest the first to be broadcast via satellite in 1985, and the 45th edition the first to be broadcast live via the internet in 2000. [18], Am 30. Den Eurovision Song Contest (ofgekierzt: ESC, fréier besser bekannt als Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson) ass en internationale Museksconcours fir Komponisten a Lidderschreiwer, deen zanter 1956 all Joer vun der European Broadcasting Union organiséiert gëtt. [69] Further press conferences are typically held during the "event weeks", which typically include a press conference with the host broadcaster, a conference on the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as well as a press conference featuring the automatic finalists. [187][305] The 2008 and 2009 contests also featured one of the qualifying countries in each semi-final being decided by the back-up juries, which in theory would be less susceptible to the kinds of bloc voting seen in the public vote. The European Broadcasting Union has organised a number of related contests which focus on other aspects of music and culture, as part of their "Eurovision Live Events" brand. These broadcasts have featured both competitive and non-competitive formats, and typically consist of performances by past winners and artists as well as other memorable moments seen in previous contests. [7] Die Stadt Leeuwarden zog ihre Bewerbung zurück, da WTC Expo nicht die Mindesthöhe erreicht, die im Anforderungskatalog der niederländischen Fernsehanstalten verlangt wird. The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was the 61st edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. ", "Eurovision Song Contest: Facts & Figures", "Webcasting and the Eurovision Song Contest", "Eurovision Song Contest: History by events", "Eurovision recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest-running annual TV music competition (international)", "Eurovision Song Contest awarded Guinness world record", "Australia to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest", "Eurovision Song Contest invites Australia to join 'world's biggest party, "Why is Australia even in the Eurovision Song Contest? The Eurovision Song Contest is organized by the European Broadcasting Union, the world's foremost alliance of public service media, representing 116 member organizations in 56 countries and an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas. (dt. [308][309] Dana International's selection for the 1998 contest in Birmingham was marked by objections and death threats from orthodox religious sections of Israeli society, and at the contest her accommodation was reportedly in the only hotel in Birmingham with bulletproof windows.